Smart Grid Planning

Smart Grid empowers utilities to better manage their generation, transmission and distribution assets, increase renewable generation, integrate plug-in electric vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining and improving system reliability, operational efficiency and customer privacy. It allows consumers to have better control over their energy usage, control energy costs and proactively interact with their providers to improve power quality and reliability.

APA's Smart Grid Planning Services Includes the following offerings

Strategic Smart Grid Planning: Utilizing the deep insight gained from planning and implementing several Smart Grid Demonstration Projects, APA can work with your team to identify high value programs that makes the most sense for your company and prepare a high level blue print for smart grid evolution. The deliverable in the form of a detailed report with supporting drawings, charts and tables is designed to set the tone for an orderly evolution of smart grid with predictable results.

Business Case Evaluations: A through business case evaluation based on real data and/ or realistic assumptions is an indispensable first step prior to implementation and commitment of costly resources. APA's proven process is designed to uncover the hidden cost elements upfront to reveal the total cost of ownership and avoid cost surprises down the line.

Program Design: Since the smart grid evolution can mean implementing multiple inter-related projects simultaneously, it will require careful upfront implementation planning and coordination exercise. APA has vast subject matter experience in preparing detailed project plans incorporating various resource constraints specific to your operations and project timeline.

Implementation: Successfully implementing projects overcoming all obstacles has been APA's strength in past projects. Our processes are designed to constantly track, anticipate changes and quickly adapt the plans to work around obstacles and minimize impacts from unforeseeable events and situations. Working with project personnel across organizations with differing cultures has been APA's key to successful implementations in the past.